Speak Zhong Wen is an online Chinese bootcamp. You'll practice speaking every day with our full-time teachers and classmates, completely through WeChat.

Is Speak Zhong Wen right for you?

Would speaking Chinese more fluently help your professional or personal life, but you don't have a consistent environment to practice in?

Are 1-on-1 private Chinese lessons not helping fast enough?

Are you too busy or unmotivated to constantly be scheduling classes, that you later reschedule or cancel indefinitely?

Then Speak Zhong Wen was built specifically for you.

How this bootcamp is designed

The only way to improve your Chinese is to practice speaking, and to practice speaking every day.

That's why we've designed this bootcamp to give you abundant opportunity to express yourself in Chinese, every day.


Our instructors provide speech prompts every morning to your classroom. The topics are widely varied, covering news, culture, history, daily life, and industry-specific discussions. They are also tailored to your needs, so you can practice speaking on topics that matter to you. The prompts are recorded videos, which include full subtitles in English and Chinese, so you never have a misunderstanding.


Practice 1-on-1 with our full-time instructor. You can message them anytime to get help on your speech, sentence structure, vocabulary, or anything else. They'll give you fully customized support and help you improve your response.


Practice and record. Use your instructors feedback to improve your delivery, and record yourself delivering a perfect speech. You'll have daily improvements saved to your phone.

How is this different from regular Chinese classes?

Traditional in-person classrooms

✅ Have fun learning with classmates

✅ Structured curriculum with qualified instructor

❌ Only once or twice a week, a few hours each time

❌ Very limited time to practice speaking

❌ Learning stops after class